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Incredible Crete

Placed in the very south of Europe, this little island gave birth to the first European civilization. And, though the world of King Minos has vanished a long time ago, its glamour was left untouched through the ages, in a way that it seems to have bewitched the many nations that tried to conquer the Cretan island throughout history. Romans, Byzantines, Saracens, Veneti and Ottomans, each one of them has added a unique style and character to the island. Crete seems like having traveled to the lands of its conquerors and having returned with countless souvenirs, leaving you nowadays uncertain of whether this is an Eastern European piece of land, a semitropical exotic paradise or simply a picturesque Greek island.

Crete has many more hidden treasures which you should discover by yourself. There are melodies, fragrances and flavors that resemble nothing like sterilized super market products. And if you manage to look under the seeming gruffness that people acquired due to years of struggle to defend their island, you will discover an infinite kindness, a culture and an enviable way of living. This is a unique place on earth where, in some tiny village forgotten by time in the middle of nowhere, in a small traditional coffee shop with frail walls or under a 300 year old plane tree, if you chat with people you will find the reason why, if you ask anyone to describe Crete, he will probably mention, not to history and landscapes, but to hospitality, to large feasts and to people’s integrity. But the bizarre thing of this case is that you will find these same people, not only in tiny villages, as well as in the city blocks of Heraclion, in the modern cafés of Chania and in some of the biggest night clubs of the Balkans. You will find these people balancing between past and present and you can only find them here, on this blessed little island.


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