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Gorge of Saints (Agiofarago)

The legendary gorge of Saints (Agiofarago) at the southern most mountain range of Europe is the place chosen to present you our upcoming Easter release. Τhis place was even visited by Paul ” the Apostle ” when the ship with which he was travelling to Rome, anchored at the nearby village Kali Limenes. Asceticism was so widespread here from the early days of Christianity that the whole mountain range of Asterousia is considered the Holy Mount of Crete attracting formerly hundreds of hermits. Hermits used to gather once a year inside a cavern called “Goumenospilios”, counting themselves to check who was absent ( the absenteers were considered dead). The austerities of the anchorites imposed a frugal way of life, food was scarce and a spring outside Agios Antonios church provided them with water, as no other springs are found along Agiofarago. Hermits were seen until the end of the 19th century but others claim that invisible monks still live here appearing only to those whose faith in god is strong …


gorge of Saints (Agiofarago) video

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